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IMPORTANT: NJ Transit’s current Fiscal Year ends June 30, 2018.

Before invoicing New Jersey Transit for goods to be delivered or services to be provided for the period beginning after June 30, 2018, please ensure you have a valid purchase order. All invoices must have a PO number and the PO line number (if applicable) referenced on them BEFORE submitting to our Accounts Payable department for payment. If you do not already have a purchase order for goods to be delivered or services to be provided for Fiscal Year 19 (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019), please reach out to your NJ TRANSIT contact for the new purchase order number.


In order to expedite the payment of your invoices, please check the price on the purchase order carefully before shipping. If the prices are not the agreed upon amount please resolve with the NJT Buyer Before shipping.

In the event of a discrepancy the Account Payable Dept. has been directed to pay the purchase order price.


Under, “How to Use this Page” is a tab titled “Email Addresses for Invoices”. It contains a list of the major invoice categories. Please select the one that best describes the services provided by your company. The following email protocol should be observed:

- Each invoice and any relevant supporting documents should be saved as one file using the naming format: “PO number-Invoice number-Your Company”
- In the case of Credit Memos please use the title naming convention, “PO number-Original Invoice number- CM Number-Your Company”
- You may attach as many files to one email as you like.
- Do not MAIL any invoice that has already been submitted via email or paid via PCard or faxed to NJT.
- Each line on the Invoice should reference NJ Transit’s PO line number.

Please discontinue using PO Box 5519, Newark, NJ 07105 as soon as possible.

Please note if you have sent your invoice and it is not on the portal after 30 days from the invoice date, send a copy to APCC@NJTransit.com. If your invoice is on the portal and not approved (receipted for) after 45 days from the invoice date, check with the consignee and ask for proof that the invoice was approved (receipted for), and request that they copy APCC@NJTransit.com on the response. Upon receiving the proof of approval, your invoice will be researched and released for payment.


If yes then we invite you to sign up for our Credit Card Payment Program by emailing us at epayables@njtransit.com with the subject line “Register our Company for ePayables.” In the body of the email, please provide your Accounts Receivable Contact’s email address and phone number and fax. A Card number will be provided to you within 5 days. ePayables is not only our preferred payment method, it is the fastest and most convenient way to obtain payment from NJ TRANSIT, usually between 15 to 20 days.


Please send your monthly statements in excel format to vendorstatements@NJTransit.com with the subject line “(Your Company Name – MM/DD/YY (last day of the month)”. The format should be Invoice Number , Invoice Date, Invoice Amount, P.O. Number and Packing Slip ( where applicable). Please do not suppress the credits when creating your statement. We encourage you to reconcile your account with us on a quarterly basis. To request a copy of your account with NJ Transit please send an email to APCC@NJTransit.com.


Please email us at APCC@NJTransit.com with the name, email address, and phone number of your primary accounts receivable contact. The caption on the subject line should read “Primary Contact-Your Company”. In your email, please provide information and to 5 secondary contacts.


When submitting credit memos, please be sure to reference the invoice, purchase order number, a return to vendor form (RTV form), or packing slip associated with the credit.


We are in the process of updating our supplier files. To this end, we ask you to complete a new W9 (form is located in the information box above in the upper left hand corner) and email it to AP_W9@NJTransit.com with the caption on the subject line being “W9_ and your supplier number and supplier name”.

Please note if you became a supplier with NJ Transit prior to January 1, 2015 it is required that you complete the revised November 2017.


We are pleased to announce that electronic payments be available in the near future. If you have already signed up, we apologize for the delayed start of transmission but it will begin soon. Please complete an ACH Sign Up Form (the form is located in the information box above in the upper left hand corner under the heading “How to Use this Page”) and email it to AP_ACH@NJTransit.com with the caption on the subject line being “ACH_ and your supplier number and supplier name”. Payments will be made within 35 days of your invoice date or the date of approval, whichever is later.

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